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9 July 2019
Meaningful Results
British Hospital Conference Room
19:00 Hrs

We will be reflecting on several personal aspects that are decisive to obtain results and have significant relationships.

Sometimes we feel like we are against a ceiling in our performance, in our achievements, which are below our aptitudes. Or we face an obstacle or situation that blocks us. Or we achieve a great success, but we do not hold it.

In these cases, we usually look for a course or seminar that gives us more knowledge or tools with limited success; and we forget the most important tool, the one that is with us always and at all times: our own person.

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Professor of Strategy, Marketing Research and Decision Making in Universidad Católica and Universidad de Montevideo.
Business consultant in Strategy, Leadership and Decision Making.
Conferences and workshops on Leadership and Personal Growth.
Was Marketing Manager at Dupont in Uruguay and at Impsat Fiber Networks in Argentina; Editorial Director at Estrategia & Negocios publishing in Central America.
Agricultural Engineer and MBA.

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