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Patricia “Liz” Elizabeth Cole Morrison

Richard A Cowley Jenkins

Virginia May Campbell Cobham

Honorary Membership Selection procedures and criteria


The British Society Board will invite nominations annually.

The closing date for nominations is the 31st of March of each year.

Nominations are submitted to the Board via a specific form provided by The British Society.

Status Members of the Society may propose individuals for Honorary Membership, providing all possible information and arguments to support their proposal.

Proposers must not tell the individual nominated that his/her name has been put forward, in order to avoid embarrassment if the nominee is not accepted.

Each nomination must include:

  1. Name and contact information of the Nominee;
  2. As much specific and detailed information on the Nominee as possible;
  3. Name and contact information of the Nominator.

Nominations will be analyzed and evaluated by the Board and a decision reached prior to every Annual General Meeting.

No more than 3 Honorary Memberships can be awarded each year.


Nominees for Honorary Membership must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be Status Members of The British Society in Uruguay.
  2. Have made outstanding contributions to British community life over a significant period of time.
  3. Have acted unofficially or informally in support of the British community.
  4. Have served the British community above and beyond the responsibilities of holding office in British community institutions.

Honorary Member Nomination Form


Reasons for nomination

Please include as much specific information on the nominee as possible regarding why you consider he/she should be considered for Honorary Membership (i.e. involvement in the British community, things he/she has accomplished, how he/she has helped the community, over what period of time, etc.).

Nominees must have acted unofficially, or informally, to support the community; not just held office in British community institutions.


All fields are required.

The nominator must not tell the nominee that he/she has been proposed.
This is to avoid embarrassment if the nominee is not accepted.
This form will be delivered to the Board.


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