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The objectives of the Society are as follows:

  • To represent the British residents in Uruguay and to act in their name, on all necessary occasions, whether of a national or international character.
  • To promote by every possible means a spirit of unity, cooperation, mutual helpfulness and collective effort among British residents.
  • To foster British patriotism and ideals.
  • To arrange for the fitting celebration of anniversaries and events of British national interest.
  • To give the members of the Society opportunities of meeting for the exposition or discussion of matters of general interest to the community provided these are not of a partisan or sectarian character.
  • To compile and keep a permanent Register of British subjects and their descendants in Uruguay.
  • To form and keep an archive of records of the British Community and its institutions.
  • To promote friendly relations between the British and the Uruguayans and the Communities of other nations.
  • To generally deal with affairs of interest to the British Community in Uruguay.

We foster British values and ideals in Uruguay

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