Everyone can become a member. It is not necessary to be a British subject to join. You only need to like dealing with affairs in general of interest to the British community in Uruguay.

Become a member and participate in our social and cultural events designed to promote by every possible means a spirit of unity, cooperation, mutual helpfulness and collective effort among British residents in this beautiful country.

By presenting our Member Card in designated venues, you can use and enjoy the very special Members’ Benefits which are every day more numerous and appealing.

There is a membership fee for a three year period of $1,000 that can be paid as follows:

  • The Anglo Institute Carrasco
  • The Anglo Institute Centro
  • The Anglo Institute Pocitos
  • Lucas Calcraft (Cooper 2098, Esq Alberdi)
  • At any of our events, to our treasurer.

Members over 80 become Honorary Life Members free of charge.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Society, please, fill out and submit the form below for the Executive Committee’s study and approval.

Membership Application Form

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