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  1. All file names must be in lower case, without spaces or any Latin characters.
  2. Index image should be square sized with a minimum of 400 x 400 px and a maximum 700 x 700 px. The file should be less than 220 kb.
  3. PDF file should be less than 6 Mb in size.
  4. Newsletter PDF files should be named in this format: bsu-newsletter-YYYY-MM.pdf. for example: bsu-newsletter-2019-04.pdf would be the name for the file of the April issue of 2019.
  5. Newsletter Cover image file should be in JPG format and must have the same name and proportions as the PDF file, for example: bsu-newsletter-2019-04.jpg with a size of 215 x 305 px 72ppi resolution.


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